A New Capsuleer

Posted in Introduction with tags , , , on May 4, 2012 by ofajota

Howdy folks, and welcome to my first run at blogging.  I’m giving blogging a try after reading a blog post on Sprinksville about the New Bloggers Initiative and was looking for something to fill some of the extra free time I’ll have in the near future.  I’ll be writing about the game Eve Online, and my character O’Fajota, named after a Pilipino friend of mine who decided it was a good idea to consider himself Irish one afternoon.

I had been away from Eve for quite some time and was very excited to jump back into a game that I think is very challenging compared to a lot of other MMOs, where either you have too much handed to you, or when you royally screw something up you take a half hour and try again as opposed to Eve, where you lose your home, your shit, your ass, your allies, and you try again in a year.

So, my plan/personal goals with O’Fajota. My first inclination was to make a miner and build up some ISK chewing up rocks and running missions. As I was thinking about what I wanted to do and dreaming about becoming a mining powerhouse, I was reading the forums and saw a post about a super-happy-fun-time called Hulkageddon. Screw that.  Generally, anything that has “ageddon” added to the end of it is bad for those on the business end, something that I discovered is not necessarily common knowledge after reading Helicity Boson’s, Wolves at your doorstep.   If Im going to get my ass handed to me it’s going to be in something that can shoot back.

I’ve always enjoyed playing support roles in MMOs for some reason, so after reading up on the various ways to support fleets I’ve decided to focus on EWAR skills, and look for a corp that will accept new characters, and is either involved in normal flavored PVP, or FW.

Well, I guess Ill see how easy for me to go from not knowing what Im doing, with EWAR and blogging, to competent and knowledgeable. Thanks for reading, and see you next week.